The English Noun Phrase application is to parse noun phrases written in the English language. There are three main classes. 

EnglishWord and EnglishNoun, compute morphological and syntactic properties of English words and nouns.

Nounphrase1 class includes the graphical user interface and the semantic methods called from the semantic value features fields of an ASDGrammar nounphrasesimple.grm for simple English noun phrases.

More implementation details available at the English package page.  

This application  provides a graphical user interface for accepting phrases from a user and attempting to parse them as English nounphrases.  Launch the  OpenWebStart version to try it.



The URL to type in the top  text field area must be entered like so here: with the file name. Although this example has a grammar file entered already but you can change it. 

The grammar file name, in URL form, is to be typed in the text field area with an ENTER KEY at the end to trigger the text input event listener in Java.  


This URL " "  displays an extensive list of grammar modules to choose from depending on the English phrase structure to be parsed and the application used.  The "npX.grm" , for example, is a file merge of all those modules.