What are ASD's ?

Syntax diagrams have been used to represent computer programming language syntax for a long time. Augmented Syntax Diagrams are a cross between Augmented Transition Networks  and syntax diagrams where nodes having register-like built-in computations to store semantic values. They can be used to represent any contex-free grammars and more specifically  English language noun phrases.  The ASDTester assess the efficiency and correctness of an ASDParser for ASD grammars on an English Noun Phrase input (no semantics). A new version working on Java 8 here  is ready for testing.


ASDEditor,  the main ASD tool for creating and manipulating  grammars, can be explored and tested on JavaWebStart (JWS), technology which supports complete execution of stand-alone Java applications independently through the Web browser or on the desktop, via the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP). The ASDEditor Java Web Start runs on Oracle Java 6 and later and compatible with OpenJDK 6 and later as well.  More details about JWS on their deployment instructions' web site. Is your browser JAVA enabled?  This page will let you know. The ASDEditor can be launched from  here


CardWorld is a small well defined pragmatic domain developed to build and test working models of natural language understanding such as English.  It consists of manipulating playing cards with which a human user can converse in English with an agent within the defined limits of the grammar and semantics.  The agent can shuffle, stack and sort cards, turn them over,  spread them out face up or face down on a surface. We have CardWorld Version 2  demo on the Java Web Start platform. The source is posted on  GITHub

Launch CardWorld on Java Web Start

The ASD Demo Site

This web site is based on the NEOS demo Neos.NeosIo site template collection.  Neos is a new generation of open source Content Management  based on Flow, a PHP framework .  The Java demos are from example applications developed in Java by Prof. Jim Mason to show how ASD tools are used to create models of English language understanding.  Augmented Syntax Diagrams (ASDs) provide a framework to represent grammars of natural languages as directed graphs.  Nodes represent instances (or usages) of words and phrase types in a language such as English. NOTE:  Applications on this site run  on JAVA 8 and OpenJDK 8 compatible and are still in the early development stage (alpha)The archives (.jar files) are signed and date stamped***. JAVA enabled browsers are required to be able to run all of them.   Is your browser JAVA enabled?  Check here to find out or go to this page for a Java SE (JDK) download.

** I am in the process of renewing the certificates so I apologize if apps don't always run as they should.